I finally finished preparing the 3D prints for my mold. It took a couple hours of sanding to get the model smooth, and I hate sanding. Then I slapped some putty on it to fill the gaps and errors in the prints. I wish someone should have told me that was a terrible idea though not because putty was the wrong thing to use. It was the “slapping it on” part that was stupid. Turns out that stuff is harder than the plastic and took forever to sand it smooth. Grrrrrr sanding, I hate you.

Then I finally finished the models with a few coats of high build primer, a few coats a day, for a few days until the finish was silky smooth. This process was a lot longer than expected.

You can see the original 3D prints straight from the printer and then the final sanded, primed and ready to rock versions. Also, sitting in a blue foam holder for making two part molds.